Sometimes big things happen by chance, but most of the time no - bigger things happen on purpose. When Black Clover was born, a vision was created to create a quality headdress. A cap that would be on its very own level compared to the market supply. The original founders of Black Clover, which started in 2008, found that the Caps available were dull, devoid of originality and even better - the quality they demanded from cap caps was lacking in the market.

The first Black Clover cap was born out of the desire to create a “new tomorrow” for headwear. It was a simple yet crisp, fine contrast stitching, high-performance headband and a genuine logo that caught the attention of all opponents. The name Four Clover and Black Clover was created based on the initials of the original founder and what the four clover symbolizes for so many. Four clover doesn't just give people hope, peace and, of course, the happiness that comes with finding this particular plant - it also inspires.

After creating the logo, it was combined with the vision of the slogan “Live Lucky” to inspire a full, authentic and unique life - full of your own personal experiences.

Black Clover initially had no intention of creating a brand; it originated from the simple desire to create a better and higher quality headdress. Thanks to it, Black Clover and the message “Live Lucky” spread like wildfire. We know that Black Clover’s success stems from our customers and their aspirations for a higher quality cap that gives them the fit they deserve. It is also dedicated to each individual, to their unique lives and experiences. For people united by a Live Lucky attitude.

Whether you want to cheer on your son in his first game, whether you’re hunting your first deer or holding your mother’s hand in a battle with cancer - we hope to inspire you with our message. Happiness may come by chance, but “Living Lucky” is a choice. We hope you continue to choose, like other Black Clover friends, a happier and more authentic life.